In 1958, Snow Peak was founded by Yukio Yamai in the Japanese prefecture of Niigata. The region is known for a mountain range that raises an altitude of 8,051 feet between the prefectures of Niigata and Fukushima, with rivers and streams cutting through the valleys and flowing into the East Japan Sea.

The rich environment naturally cultivates a strong link with the outside, and Yamai was a skilled mountaineer who had repeatedly challenged himself on the peaks of the famous prefecture mountain. Tanigawa. Yamai was not satisfied with the current equipment on the market and tried to create his own line of superior quality climbing products. He designed innovative equipment using highly skilled metal craftsmen in his hometown of Tsubame Sanjo, in the Chūetsu region of Niigata, an area known for its fine metalworking.

To date, Niigata's dramatic landscape is inspired by Snow Peak products and serves as the headquarters for Snow Peak's global headquarters.

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