About Us

Stay is an Italian men's retail experience founded in 2013 by Giuseppe Fornari. Located right in the heart of the city of Civitanova Marche, this shop has been for many years a reference for the streetwear scene of central Italy.
Giusi's vision of free thought has long been at the center of the movement, fusing the rebellious vitality of skate, music and sneaker cultures.
Thanks to many years spent all over the world visiting obscure sneakers stores and buying huge quantities of footwear and new brands that were not available to the Italian public. This continuous desire for research and new stimuli, linked to different cultures, such as art, sport, fashions, but also from simple daily human relationships, make Stay not only a physical shop but also a place where to exchange ideas, points of view and spread street culture; this is the basis of our identity.
While the team has diversified over the years, many ideas, concepts, products and collaborations with various brands are developing, and the growth is constantly expanding ...